IGT Careers
UX Design

Destination IGT

IGT recruiters employed a handful of tactics — including job boards, social media and job fairs. However, there was still a need to provide a destination to which prospective applicants could be directed too. Through quantitative methods, the site showcased functional enhancements developed for ease of use and user retention. And, most importantly, elevate the overall perception of IGT.

Step 1 & 2

Focus groups, interviews and analysis

Step 3

Mapping the user experience

An experience model was composed of a series of organizing structures that helped to define the core of the IGT applicant experience. These structures were derived from the narratives and language gathered during the initial focus groups. Those first-hand narratives helped the designers understand how customers make sense of their experience. During the step two, patterns emerged and helped to identify core activity areas, scenarios, and process flows. Also, existing pain points and unmet needs were catalogs these underlying structures are then used to inform the development of persona as well as the identification of opportunities.

Step 3

Meet the persona

Step 4

Identifying the opportunity

Step 4

Defining the user workflow

Visual sketch