Elite Pro Performance
UX Design

Level up your game

Elite Pro Performance is an elite sports network consisting of top instructors and trainers from around the country and offers a variety of precision programs ranging from personal training for professional athletes to beginner camps and clinics for elementary school-aged children and skill enhancement for teens looking to take their game to the next level. This refreshed online domain not only provided a listing of all available training opportunitities, but a way for registrants to identify trainers and clinics.

Methodology & Timeline

Discovery & Requirements

During the discovery phase, a thorough investigation of eliteproperformance.com was completed — key stakeholders and subject matter experts were interviewed. This initial research reveals insight as to how the business operates and trends within the market. In the requirements phase these findings are then synthesized, unearthing patterns that show how the target audiences will be interacting. These target audiences may then be placed into functional groupings as to how to best move forward.

User Workflows

Funcational Framework

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