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Since its inception in 1997 as an online repository for documents, has continued to expand to meet the ever-growing sales and promotional needs of its business. The site, has always been extremely content-rich — the most out of any manufacturer in the industry — showcasing video and multimedia elements throughout its nearly one million page experience. The domain averages over 900,000 visits and 5 million page views a month, with 434,000 unique visitors. The average time on the site is 4 minutes, with nearly 6 pages per visit. The game library averages 236,000 page views a month, and PAR sheets alone, 192,000 page views a month.

Yet, through all the evolutions and on-going enhancements to the site, basic user needs weren't taken into account — making the site increasingly challenging to navigate and find products. In an effort to resolve this, better serve customer needs and make doing business with IGT easier the "Game Library Enhancement" initiative was kicked off. The initiave began with the fundamental, root-level improvements in form and function focused upon the Game Library, and then expanded to affect the navigation of the site and its overal visual framework to remain consistent with IGT's brand platform and industry best practices.

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