IGT Evolution

Gaming Evolved.

As the IGT business charges forward — entering new markets, reaching out to new customers, expanding globally — it is essential that the IGT brand grow with it. To ensure their brand was up to this task, a distinctive visual system was defined. They needed to feature the value that was delivered through their products, services and solutions across their business, while still allowing for future growth.

Bringing innovation to life

Life is in constant motion. Ubiquitous and transparent, the gyroscope has enhanced the speed of life, informing where we go, and guiding how we get there. The digital space allows the brand expression to live and breathe. Always changing and evolving, the moving rings of the gyroscope symbolize the leadership, stability, and pioneering spirit that IGT is known for.

Consistent motion affords the brand expression a considerable amount of variety and a designer ample creative opportunity.

A system designed for flexibility

Exciting and forward-thinking, the visual system allows for dynamic communications that are clean and elegant.

Shifting Forward.

The IGT brand evolution was more than cosmetic - it was a symbolic, cultural shift within the organization. A shift with roots laid in the foundation of, and that celebrated, IGT’s combined past; a shift with an eye on the future; a shift where the battle for the hearts and minds of customers and players was won through IGT’s passion, collaboration, authenticity, pioneering spirit.. This shift cannot happen without the people of IGT embracing and owning the brand.

Management tools were put into place that allowed audiences to experience the brand, in addition to seamless access to brand assets.

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