Rebranding IGT
Visaul Identity

Shifting the conversation

IGT needed to position themselves for future growth, differentiate themselves from their competition, and resonate with its employees, operators, players, and investors. Through working to shift the conversation, IGT recognized they are more than just a slot machine manufacturer; they are a provider of compelling gaming content, available anywhere—at the casino, online, and on the go. The development of a powerful new brand made it possible to drive this necessary change.

Bold. New. Blue.

A delightfully disruptive and much bluer approach to brand creative.

Inside & Out.

While the logo change had symbolic value, it also served as a launching pad for a much deeper conversation about the growth of customer’s floors and pocketbooks, and what better venue to debut this radical new platform than G2E, the industry’s largest global gaming expo. The multisensory exhibit prominently featured convergence, searchlight, shapes and integrated logos throughout to position IGT as the company where innovation and excitement comes “from out of the Blue.”

Reach. Retention & Revenue.

The centerpiece attraction, a theatrical environment on a revolving turntable platform promoted IGT’s online social platform: DoubleDown Casino. Led by a moderator, up to 32 guests at a time sat down on the rotating platform, each with $200,000 worth of virtual chips to experience “winning moments.” HD projection systems immersed the participants in a fictional brick-and-mortar casino while HD screens at each seat represented DoubleDown Casino in the digital space. Each expo environment had a message intended to resonate with the carefully researched “wants” of the attendees: Reach, Retention, & Revenue. More than 1,300 expo attendees participated in DoubleDown — an unforgettable 20-minute engagement with each customer.